— PART 2

LIVING ROOM – (1)  too much clutter and not enough space to move around furniture?  (2)  can the senior reach the light switch to turn it off or on?  (3)  is there adequate lighting?  (4) do throw rugs and electrical cords pose a tripping hazard?  (4)  is the floor uneven or carpet torn?  (5)  is the room temperature too hot or cold?  (6)  does glare from the windows make it difficult for a senior to see?  (7)  do the conditions of aging make it difficult for a senior to get out of a chair?  HALLWAY  (1) is there a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in place?  (2)  is there adequate light at night?  (3)  does the senior have trouble finding the bathroom at night?  MORE TO COME!!