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HOW TO WINTERIZE a vacant or half occupied home – part 3

(9) Talk to the gas company about disconnecting the gas supply.  Possibly a gas explosion if the pipes freeze.  If gas leak appears has to be fixed, but often happens on the week-end.  (10) make the house appear occupied at a glance.  Set up lights on timers, have landscaping done, if snow then shoveled away.  All of this for non-occupied and occupied homes.  Also will have to be un-winterized on fairly short notice for inspections.  GOOD LUCK ON THE WINTER CHORE OR NECESSITY TO SELL A HOME.


HOW TO WINTERIZE a vacant or half occupied home – part 2

(4)  Clean gutters and have repaired if necessary.  (5)  Remove anything touching  the side of the house, such as leaves and firewood.  Water & insects collect in that.  (6) Have trees trimmed over the house.  Insurance could deny a claim.  (7)  Use moth balls to keep insects away.  You may not like the smell, but does work.  When you get back air out the house.  (8)  Hire a landscaper to perform a fall cleanup.  After the first freeze get it done again as some plants have died off.  MORE TO COME

HOW TO WINTERIZE a vacant or half occupied home

(1)  bring in a plumber to winterize the pipes & water system.  He will drain all areas where water is stored, such as water heaters, hot tubs and use air compressor to expel water from pipes throughout the house.  Now will not to leave heat on.  (2)  drain outdoor garden hoses.  May have to put covers on spigets.  If you have to winter water, make sure you drain the hoses and disconnects them from the house after each use.  (3)  close up all openings into house to prevent animals and insects from entering.  Includes dryer vents & the chimney.  MORE TO COME



Tyler Independent School District, Tyler Junior College, Tyler and Smith County entities are proposing NOT changing property taxes, but your taxes could be higher next year.  New construction and appraisal valuations typically go up.  If the tax rate stays the same, you could see your tax bill go up due to this increased valuation.    In Smith County 2015 taxes go to:  (1) TISD 64.71%, (2)  TJC 9.41%, (3) Smith County 15.53% and (4) City of Tyler 10.35% on a home valued at $150,802.   Other enities, such as road maintenance, fire protection, etc.  can increase your taxes.   JUST WATCH ALL THIS AS THE YEAR MOVES ON AND YOUR GET YOUR TAX BILL SHORTLY.


Research shows cellphones ruining romantic relationships and ultimately lead to depression.  Those less secure in their relationships were more bothered than those with more secure attachment styles.  We glance too much on our phones to check e-mails & messages.  So we don’t talk with folks to work through issues, etc.  Paper done by  James A. Roberts & Meredith David, both PhDs  at Baylor U. in the Hankamer School of Business.  WE MUST PUT CELL PHONES AWAY SOME OF THE DAY!!


Takes deep pockets to develop a modular home subdivision as with any new development.  Finding the right  tract of land is another major hurtle.  Absorption rate can be slow, till the idea catches on.  Cities need to see these developments as advantageous to the community and a viable form of older/retiree affordable housing.  Sometimes tax rebates, loan programs, buying assistance programs, rent abatement, the works for things drought tolerant yards & energy efficient improvements.   In the long run these developments can relieve the pressure on rents and availability.  CONSIDER THAT FOR YOU OR FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS.