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IN the 45 YEARS SINCE its INCEPTION – part 2

The Real Estate Center is to help CONSUMERS as well as Realtors.  Did this with educational programs such as the “How and When to Sell Your Land” & others.  Master of Real Estate is now available as part of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M.  The publication TIERRA GRANDE begun in 1977.  There is no doubt that with Dr. Gary Maler and his passionate staff, there are new trails in the years to come.  QUITE A FEATHER IN TEXAS’ HAT!!

IN the 45 YEARS SINCE its INCEPTION – part 1

The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University has fundamentally changed how real estate is studied, analyzed and approached not just in Texas, but nationally.  Under the leadership of Dr. Gary Maler & the passionate staff  have kept us appraised of real estate in Texas for 45 years and will continue.  The Center is now the nation’s largest publicly funded organization devoted to real estate research.  The Center was created by Gov. Preston Smith as he signed Senate Bill 338.  The bill was prepared by TAR’s general council.  MORE TO COME


& TEXAS is one of them with 10%, California with 15%, Florida 22% & Arizona and New York with 4% each.  Florida & Arizona attract Latin Americans, while California and New York drew Asian buyers.  Texas attracts Latin American and Caribbean buyers, as well as Asians.  At least 1/2 pay cash.  40% of these buyers reside out of the U. S.  China still dominates the market.  WE STILL HAVE A GREAT ECONOMY TO INVEST IN.


5% unemployment rate for Tyler & some are chronically unemployed, etc.  $210,000 average price of SOLD homes & $28,790 is average income in Tyler.  Last 2 quarters 2016  in $120,000 to $160,000 price range 81.90% SOLD with an average price of $141,918, but listed at $144,181.  Sale/list price ratio is 98.43%.  6.47% expired & did not sell.  Gives you an idea of the ABSORPTION RATE after being on market an average of 41 days.