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U. S.  foreclosures are down for the 2nd consecutive month, reaching a 5-year LOW.  According to Realty Trac foreclosure filings across the county in September are down7% from the previous month.  That’s 16% lower than a year ago September.  Real Estate Center Research Economist Dr. Jim Gaines noted that the drop was driven primarily by declines in several large non-judical foreclosure states, including California, Georgia, Texas, Arizona & Michigan.  TEXAS WAS DOWN 17% IN SEPTEMBER.


(1)  All about crime.  That is an indicator of nieghborhood desirability.  Go to the crimedata base in your area OR call the Tyler Police Department for statistics in a certain area.   Texas has a Megan’s Law database that can show sex offenders.  (2)  Meth labs.  The Drug Enforcement Agency’s database has addresseS of meth & other drug labs. (3)  Social connectedness, online & off.  Does the neighborhood have block parties, newletters, etc.?  (4)  Technological & communications capabilities.  How spotty or non-existance is cell phone service, particularly out of larger areas?  (5)  Potentially problematic HOA rules & municipal regulations.  For instance, can you install a radio tower for ham operators in the neighborhood?  (6)  Future developments that might affect your ability to enjoy your home.  Check City of Tyler Planning & Zoning.  Note any proposals that uptick the traffic, noise, orders & pollution.  (7)  Upcoming/proposed special assessments.  Review disclosed HOA reserves & financials & recent copies of newsletters & Board meeting meeings.  THIS WAY YOU CAN KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON & COMING UP IN A PARTICULAR SUBDIVISION.


TYLER #7 to INVEST in ACCORDING to ……………..

according to HomeVestors of America & Local Market Monitor.   Corpus Christi is #4 and Longview #8.  These cities are considered less risky for investors looking to purchase sing-family homes as rental properties.  ” Many of these markets have unemployment rates well below the national average, but show strong  job growth & housing price have bottomed out”, according to Ingo Winzer, Local Market Monitor president.  The top 3 are Lafayette, LA., Fort Wayne, Ind and Erie, PA.  INTERESTING FOR US IN THE TYLER AREA!