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In 12 years from now GE engineers and designers predict lots of home changes based on trends and technological advancement – appliances that will change our daily lives. (1) thanks to improvements in voice, motion and facial recognition,as well as sensors in your appliances, you’ll get help from virtual chefs, who will be able to interact with you in real time as you cook.    (2)  Hydration from the Tap.  The futuristic faucet used biometric data to tell you how much liquid you need to drink to rehydrated.  Also dispenses carbonated water &  other beverages.  (3)   A City-slicker’s BBQ Dream.  Can mount a compact grill onto a window.  Draws smoke outside.  (4)  Pesticide-free Zone.  How long should you wash an apple before you bite into it?  Integrated sensors in your future sink will alert you when chemicals or bacteria are present, so keep scrubbing.  (5)  Your Very Own 3D Printer.  More affordable, but by 2025 3D printers will be commonplace.  (6)  in the future GE designers say, you’ll shop on your smart phone and have groceries delivered to your front door & a device outside your home to keep food cool or warm till you return.  (7)  End of Ironing.  Sensors on your clothing in washing machine that communicate care instructions.  MANY MORE DEVICES YET TO COME.



in Tyler on the ready-to-build lots in the golf course community on the shores of Lake Bellwood in East Texas and about 5 miles to downtown Tyler.  Convenient location.  Construction will begin immediately on several spec houses with a local builder.  Finished homes will range from 2,100 to 3,000sf and cost $300,000 to $650,000.  Oversized lots will be sold for $55,000 to $150,000 in the retail market, according to the new owners  Sky Walker Property Partners and TSW Alliance LLC.  They acquired a majority of the lots left in the subdivision.



Demand for existing homes in Texas surged again the 2nd quarter 2013.  17.8% more sold as in the same quarter last year & the most sold in a single quarter since Texas Association of Realtors starting quarterly housing reports 4 years ago.  The surge was in 43 of 47 markets, including Tyler and Smith County.  The median price in the 2nd quarter was $177,300, up about 10% and the average price is now $235,075.  Nationally, home values are increasing at around 10%, but primarily these markets dropped more than in TX,  so with our 10% growth then a significant growth in our state.  The housing inventory is shrinking to statewide of  4 .1 months, but over $550,000 are taking longer in our area.  All of this according to Real Estate Center Research Economist Dr. Jim Gaines.  With inventory shrinking, t hen we can expect dramatic increases in price.  In some areas homes hardly get listed, then sold.



The Piney Woods North land, which includes Tyler – Smith County continued with the land market being slow in 2012, but prices remained stable according to Dr. Charles E. Gilliland of the Real Estate Center at TX A&M.  Brokers reported a lack of good property listings and that sellers have high price expectations, but beginning to moderate.  The closer to Dallas prices are higher, but lower as you get further from Dallas.  CROP land is very LIMITED.  Metroplex area investers primarily want pasture land for crop and vineyards and so do local residents.  Hunting and recreation dominate this region’s rural land use.  Purchasers continue to seek tracts of timberland with good interior roads, good surface water and woodlands condusive to hunting.  This strong demand, coupled with the decreasing number of  acres available for lease, caused hunting LEASE RATES to INCREASE.  We have found this to be true with friends and family members looking for inexpensive and close leases to Tyler.