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60% of respondents in a survey feel a home needs to have least 4 categories of smart products.  Top choices:  SECURITY (locks & alarm systems) – 63%:  TEMPERATURE (thermostats and fans) – 63%:  LIGHTING (light bulbs and lighting systems) – 58%:  and SAFETY (fire/carbon monoxide detectors and nightlights) – 56%.    THESE HELP MAKE  A HOME SMART!!


Lower gas prices are a welcome relief for drivers in Tyler, Smith County and East TX.  When this happened in the 80’s, a devastating effect on the local economy. drilling decreased, employment numbers dropped, which led to a drop in the real estate market.  We are in a similar situation now as in the 80’s, but now the economy is more diversified, according to Tom Mullins, CEO Tyler Economic Development Council.  Yes, some have been laid off, but they seem to find other jobs or can weather it out till oil prices return.


The 258 acres of the closed central unit prison facility sold for $6M to the City of Sugar Land.  The city will clear 96 buildings from the site, but not modify the main prison building, which was designated a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark in 2003.  The land is owned by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice until the city takes over in July.  Many uses for the land.

Majority of surveyed CEOS agree: TEXAS BEST STATE FOR BUSINESS

For the 12 year in a row, Texas was ranked as the best state for businesses by  CHIEF EXECUTIVE magazine.  513 CEOs across the nation asked which states have the most business-friendly taxes and regulatory regimes, highest-quality workforce & best quality of living.  Other top states were Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana.  Bottom 5 are Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, New York and California.  INTERESTING!

Construction & Building INSPECTORS — part 2

(6)  Verify alignment, level and elevation of structures to ensure building or home meets specifications;  (7)  Issue violation notices and stop-work orders until building is compliant;  (8)  Keep daily logs, including photographs taken during inspections;  (9)  Provide written documentation of findings.  May take as many as 11 inspectors to get the job done!!  THEN YOU ARE FINALLY FINISHED!

Construction & Building INSPECTORS

Typically do the following:  (1)  Review plans to ensure they meet building codes, local ordinances, zoning & contract specifications;  (2)  Approve building plans;  (3)  Monitor construction sites periodically to ensure overall compliance;  (4)  Use survey instruments, metering devices & test equipment to perform inspections; (5)  Inspect plumbing, electrical and other systems to ensure they meet code.  MORE TO COME NEXT BLOG!


According to Smith County Appraisal District most properties in Smith County have risen in value.  A strong 2015 year.  The median sale price for homes in Smith County reached $165,000, the highest level in recent years.  Comes out to a 4.12% increase in values.  Bullard saw the highest climb at 10.52%.  Several smaller areas dropped a bit, but should pick up as the market rises and with interest rates still LOW now is the time to buy and/or sell.  The oil patch problems have been relatively mild according Michael Barnett, chief appraiser for Smith County.