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Carolyn Bain is VERY MUCH ALIVE!!

Note as in the Friday, March 23 Tyler newspaper that a Carolyn Bain died.  Actually the C. Bain has rental property and I talked to her years ago about buying rental property.  At that time she told me of a 3rd gal of the same name, who was in trouble with the law.  Sure enough, a few months later got a call from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office looking for me and told him NOT me.  Such confusion makes life interesting.  What confusion have you had in your life?



By May 1, 2012, check with your Appraisal District to see if you as a farmer, rancher, wildlife manager and timber grower can adjust your property taxes based upon the productivity value of your land rather than on market value.  This means qualified land is taxed  on its ability to produce crops, livestock or timber – not on its value on the real estate market.  Can mean a substantial property tax savings.   Should not have to be done annually, but your county appraiser can let you know if  they need look at it again.   This is from the Smith County Appraisal District at 903-510-8600 or Texas Comptroller Susan Combs at 1-800-252-9121 and press “2” then “1”.


It is a further real estate education designation that Realtors can earn to further their knowledge of helping SENIOR buyers and seller – it is the  SENIORS REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST & recognized by National Association of Realtors and all real estate professionals.  An (1)  SREA understands that the decision to sell can be difficult,   an (2) SRES can patiently support you thru each step, an (3) SRES will stick with you throughout the entire process,  (4) an SREA can draw upon a network of other professionals focused on 50+ clients and (5) an SRES also has ties throughout the 50+ community.  Just call us at Bain Real Estate at 903-561-4346 for information and help.