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To repair your credit, these are companies that do this for a fee.  They charge differently with a one time consulation for a fee, then if you stay with them longer then the charge will increase, but it may take a while to get your credit score up where you can qualify for a loan.  Also some folks have NO credit, as they pay cash for everything or us a pay-day loan.  One just needs to talk to any lender or a credit repair company to get ideas and how to accomplish this.  Landmark Credit Repair has opened a new office in Tyler on Old Bullard Rd across from Rice Elementary school.  This company also has an office in the Canton area and several others.  Again always ask their fees and how you will pay them.  You certainly don’t want your credit hurt by NOT paying them what you agree.


Texarkana ranked 1st in job creation followed by Odessa, Corpus Christi, Midland and TYLER.  The annual growth rate of nonagricultural jobs from July 2011 to July 2012 showed an annual growth rate of 2.2% compared with 1.4% for the United States.  Nongovernment jobs grew by 3% compared to 1.8% for the nation’s private sector.  Texas ‘ seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 7.2% from 8.1% a year ago, with nation’s rate decreases from 9.1 to 8.3%.   All Texas industries have more jobs except the information industry & the state’s government sector and those 2 sections continue to loose jobs.  The state’s mining and logging industry ranked lst in job creation, followed by the contruction industry, the leisure and hospitality industry and the professional and business serviced industry.  All of this according to the Real Estate Center’s MONTHLY REVIEW OF THE TEXAS ECONOMY.


Without a bank account are the “unbanked” in the U. S. & 17 million strong.  Stash cash at home or go to payday loans or check cashing which is expensive.  Without one difficult to pay rent, utilities, etc.  Hopefully with an account, they will also start SAVING.  Usually are younger, less educated & lower income.  Robberies are more prevalent around check cashers, especially on pay day.   Go to the website of Bank on San Francisco to get an idea of accounts being offered to these folks.  Shopping your local banks can find ones that will have little or no minimum.  From these accounts you usually get a debit card,  so if you swipe it the bill will not be paid if no money left in the account, so no overdraft.


Staging a vacant home may not be necessary in some circumstances, but a thorough cleaning & fresh paint job can show potential buyers how they can love it as their own.  13.9% of all housing units in the U. S. were vacant at the end of the 4th quarter of 2011, according to the U. S. Census Bureau.  Plus staging won’t matter if the HOUSE IS OVERPRICED.  Again vacant houses are dismal & lifeless, so a few pieces of furniture, towels in the bathrooms, artwork, plants and a new welcome mat at the front door can give a house a lift.  Buyers often think of vacant houses as foreclosures or short sales, but if not say that.  Just cleaning and decluttering a house will help sell a house.  E-mail for a more complete list.