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It has been noted by a few Realtors lately that sometime during showings PRESCRIPTION DRUGS have gone missing.  Home owners are often cautioned about hiding  jewelry and small electronics, but recently a Waco Realtor noted that prescription drugs went missing after a showing.   The Waco theft is no isolated incident.  Reports have surfaced of a Dallas-area man visiting homes for sale in search of prescription medications.  Reports of similar thefts have been found across the country.  So now prescription drugs are added to the list of valuables to hide or remove from the property during showings.



If you tell yourself to find something red & no red around, but during the day your brain works till you find something red & quickly.  In fact it could be something almost red, but your brain is wired to find red.  We need to wire our brain to think of the positive and uplifting events in ours lives.  That is why bad news gets more press than good news.  100 top sales folks said the “ability to control or the ability to manage their own state of mind” is what makes them successful.  So WATCH YOUR MOUTH and say only positive things about yourself and others.  It makes a difference on your thought life!


The Tax Code states that notices of protest must be filed before May 1 or no later than the 30th day after notices of appraised value are delivered, but there is some flexibility.  “If an owner of a single-family residence files a notice of protest after the deadline, but before June 1 and the ARB (Appraisal Review Board) has not approved the appraisal records, then the owner is entitled to a hearing and determination of the protest”.   Homeowners who have questions can email PTAD or call 800-252-9121 (press “2” for the menu, then “1” to contact the information services team),


“Who am I letting into my home?  Some guy who lives in a basement, has a criminal record, rents a moving truck to cart off everything you own, said Linda Darr, CEO of Virginia-based American Moving & Storage Association.  You don’t want your personal belongings to take a permanent vacation.  60% of complaints received at the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) deal with unlicensed movers.  To operate legally, a moving company must display a valid TxDMV or United States Department of Transportation(USDOT) license number on the truck. Can check-out moving companies by going to the TxDMV website and go to Moving Companies to see the ones that are licensed in Texas.  Free internet advertising sites can be helpful, according to John Trevino of the Houston Police Departments’s Special Investigation Command.