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(1)  pay your mortgage bill before ALL others.  Missing one payment can hurt our credit rating & make you ineligible to refinance.  (2)  Do NOT tell your bank you are struggling, but  find a government-approved, non profit housing counselor at or call 888-995-HOPE.  FREE service.  The counselor might suggest cutting your expenses or looking for extra income.  One family rented their home & then rented a cheaper place for 2 years.  If your FICO score is above 740, then refinance.  The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) will let you refinance with negative equity.  If your credit is BELOW 700, then less options, but BE PERSISTENT.  Go to Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) to maybe get your payments reduced.  Incidentially the often expensive closing costs can be rolled into your refinancing of the loan.  Could do a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure or strategic default.  The banks do not like this.  Well worth pursuing if your goal is to KEEP YOUR HOME.


according to            The highest amount on average is $4,944 for the closing of a $250,000 house with a $200,000 mortgage.  The increase  is because of stricter mortgage regulations that the government has implemented in the past 2years.  Mortgage closing costs include fees charged by those involved in the home-buying process, such as lenders, appraisers and title companies.  Bankrate found the highest closing costs are in New York state with $6,138 and the lowest are Arkansas at $3,378.


(1)  What’s the history of the house?  Maybe need to jiggle a switch or plug in something.  (2)  Where to go and who to know?  Who organizes the Neighborhood Watch or dry cleaners that does alterations.  (3)  What surprised them when they moved in?   Surprised as to how friendly the neighbors or noise from school down the block.  (4)  Where is it and does it work?   Where do you take trash to be emptied or emergency water & electrical shutoffs.  (5)  Is there anything you would like to leave?  Just ask and the seller might sell a piece of furniture or have you do a repair, when furnture is moved for a price or gratis.  (6)  What did I forget to ask?  If you will get the sellers phone information to call him for something you cannot figure out or if  you let your weeds get too high in the spring, the fire department will ticket you.


(1)  start with GREEN CAREERS.  Look at   to get an idea of green jobs for your kids.  By 2030 there should be 37 million jobs from renewable energy industries in the U. S.  (2) GREEN COLLEGES.         keeps tables on universities & colleges who give these courses and compare them.  (3)  there are scholarships for kids who are interested in a green career.  Again look on the internet for schools that offer these  type scholarships.  (4)  LOW IMPACT COLLEGE TOURS.  Go to       to narrow your choices and save gas running to colleges.   (5) GREEN is such a new topic that we all have to stretch our mind and take in what is available.