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Produced by National Library of Medicine (NLM) for the National Institutes of Health (NIH),  MEDLINE PLUS is a Web-based consumer resource for up-to-date information on diseases, drugs and supplements and medical research.  Again it is FREE and NO commercial advertising.  Can be accessed through any mobile device, through electronic health records (FHRs) and patient portals via MedlinePlus Connect.   There is a wide disparity in the quality of content among medical resources on the Web and MedLine is a reliable source.  “Health Topics” on the home page leads you to information on more than 900 diseases, conditions and wellness issues, including overviews of symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention.  UPDATED REGULARLY AND OFTEN DAILY.  The “Drugs” section provides consumers with information on adverse effects, dosages and precautions for over 1,000 brand-name or generic prescription and over-the-counter drugs — provided by the American Hospital Formulary Service.  “Herbs and Supplements” section on site.  Clicking on “Videos and Cool Tools” leads to interactive tutorials that explain over 165 procedures and conditions in simple language with accompanying audio and graphics and quizzes.  Stay HEALTHY TO READ ALL THIS!!


Several city homeowners have recently reported receiving notices from a company offering to provide them with a copy of their property deed for an $83 payment.  However, the mailings fail to mention one thing:  homeowners can obtain a copy of their deeds themselves for a fraction of the cost – possibly even at no charge – simply by contacting their county clerk’s office.  The mailings imply that homeowners must comply within a specified period of time.  While the mailing does state that it is not a bill and homeowners are under no obligation to pay the fee, some consumers have found the mailing confusing and have issued complaints their local BBB office.  Nothing illegal or wrong, but the banner print and inset boxes on the note give so- called  ‘compliance response dates,” which seem to demand attention and action, but the small print at the bottom of the notice says it not necessary to pay.    Several company names who issue the notices are Property Transfer Service and Record Transfer Services.


There are more Texans than ever before – more of all ages, more Anglos and considerably more Hispanics.  Although the population growth rate during the 1st decade of the 2000s was slightly less than that of the 1990s, the state still continues to far outpace the national experience & almost all states, according Dr. James Gaines, TX A&M Real Estate Center.  Four demographic trends to watch:  (1)  the state’s overall rate of growth & urbanization;  (2)  the composition of Texas’ population, especially the growth in non-anglo population groups;  (3)  the principal sources of population growth: and (4) shifts in the population’s age distribution.  By 2050 Dallas, Plano, Irving, Fort Worth & Arlington (DFW) is projected to expand to 16.8 million residents by 2050 or a 164% increase & the Houston, Sugar Land, Baytown (MSA) will expand similarly.



RE-PROPOSED QRM – Qualified Residential Mortgage

Victory for homebuyers and future of homeownership in this country.  This version of the QRM rule will give creditworthy buyers access to safe and affordable loan products without overly burdensome downpayment requirements.  The new stands are stringent enough to protect consumers from unscrupulous lending practices while also creating new opportunities for private capital to re-establish itself as part of a robust and competitive mortgage market.  Realtors were among the most vocal opponents of the first QRM rule proposed in 2011 which would have required a 20% down to get a loan.  Some even wanted 30%, but would take the average American more than 25 yeas to save enough money for that type loan.  The National Association of Realtors, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest tade association, representing l million members in residential and commercial real estate industries.