LAST ‘WRITES’ – end-of-life decisions – part 3

LIVING WILLS or DIRECTIVES TO WITHOLD LIFE-SUPPORT DEVICES, do not delegate your health care decisions to others, but relieve others from having to make them on your behalf.  It is to help you communicate your wishes about medical treatment if you cannot communicate your wishes about medical treatment at such time in the future when ill or injured.  Two scenarios:  (1)  TERMINAL CONDITION and expected to die within 6 months (a)  only what is necessary to keep your comfortable and (b) use life-sustaining treatment to keep you alive.  (2) is IRREVERSIBLE CONDITION as you cannot make decisions for yourself, there are 2 options.  All of this IS complicated and you need an attorney to get the proper papers ready and signed and notarized for you while  you are able to do all this, WHICH IS NOW!