(1)  Bare windows are better than dated curtains, but wash IN & OUT.   (2)  Use slip covers on outdated upholstered furniture.  Available in many home catalogues.   (3)  Buy new throw pillows or cover existing ones.   (4)   Eliminate anything that epitomized the 1980s or 90s.  Some wallpaper fits in this category, although some is back now.   (5)  Select the RETRO pieces carefully, which can be found at various home stores all over town.   (6)  Fewer, but larger accessories are preferred and put away most family photos, as buyers want to look at photos and NOT the house.   FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE FORMED OUTSIDE, so tackle curb appeal, then declutter and clean.  Actually we all should do this anyhow, but particularly to put your home on the market!!