U. S. population of every state, county and city is determined by:  (1) total number of births,  (2)  total number of deaths,  (3)  total number of immigrants from other countries and (4)  NET DOMESTIC MIGRATION.  The Census Bureau defines migration as a move that crosses juridictional boundaries, even one county to another is domestic migration.  This information from Dr. Mark Dotzour at the TX A&M Real Estate Center.  In my opinion, states that have positive net domestic migration are states that are creating jobs and have a brighter outlook for economic growth.  These are areas that more people move into that out of.  2012 numbers show:  (1) Texas with 140,888,  (2) Florida,  (3) Arizona,  (4)  Colorado,  (5)  Georgia and  (6) Nevada.  All have lesser numbers than TX.  States with negative net domestic migration in 2012 are (1) New York with -115,754,  (2)  Illinois, (3)  California,  (4)  Ohio,  (5) Michigan and (6) Connecticut.  The Real Estate Center’s website gives more at