Although 55% of home buyers in the “What Home Buyers Really Want” report prefer a new home, only 8% of homes purchased between 2009 and 2001 were new, but fewer new homes built during that period.  The new homes were bigger and more expensive than other homes on the market.   The new home buyer, although the same age as all buyers, is earning about 25 more money.  About 2/3 of new home buyers are married & 2.79 people in their household.  About 1/2 of them pay for their down payment with their savings.  New home buyers are more concerned about how the home & neighborhood look.   The share of home buyers purchasing a home for the 1st time is 46% – highest since before 2001.  First -time home buyers earn about 8% less than all home buyers & pay about 25% more for a house.  The first- time homebuyers’ home is about 400 square feet smaller than the median size of the trade-up buyer’s home.  Price is definitely a factor in first-time homebuyers decision + schools.  More in this report from American Home Shield survey.  AHS is a home warranty provider as are other companies.  Just let us know what other information you need at our e-mail address: