The Realtors Land Institute is composed of men and women who sell dirt, which is a good investment these days.  There are 3 investment categories of land:  agricultural, recreational and transitional.  Transitional land is land on the suburban outskirts of cities that will converted from ag use to new homes in the near future.  During the great collapse of 2008 to 2011, there were NO bidders, so prices plummeted.  Could not get loans to develop.  Americans are buying houses again, so DEMAND IS UP.  Lot prices could increase to meet this demand.  Recreational land are toys for both boys & girls & a pretty lake, stream or mountains adds value.  During the great collapse, bidders for these properties disappeared.  Prices didn’t fall hard, but few buyers.  Recreational land is awakening, as thousands of families started receiving massive payments for the minerals under their properties, the economy has recovered & business profits have improved so the recreation market is reawakening. Farmland is on fire?  Corn ground in Iowa that was $7,500 per acre a few years ago is now selling for $17,000 per acre.  Other states similiar & cropland prices in the Texas Panhandle have skyrocketed as well.  The land market in America is COMING BACK STRONG.  Where do you put your money, but into land?  This is why foreign investors are buying U. S. dirt, according to Dr. Mark Dotzour, Chief economist & Director of Research at TX A&M Real Estate Center.