That coveted SOLD sign is going  up on homes at a faster rate than in 2011, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  The median time for a home listed on the market fell 29.6% in July over the same month last 2010, to just 69 days.  In July 2011, homes took an average of 98 days to sell.  About 1/3 of  U.S. properties sold in July remained on the market for less than a month.  By the end of July, the number of  FOR SALE properties represented a 6.4 month supply, down 31% from a year ago.  NAR expects a 5% increase in existing homes prices this year, as well as another 5% bump in 2013.  2012 has BEEN A GREAT YEAR FOR BAIN REAL ESTATE and thanks to all our buyers and sellers,  BUT same old story SELLERS WANT TO SELL HIGH and BUYERS WANT TO BUY LOW.  NO DIFFERENCE!