(1)  BOULEVARD owners can head straight to the bank.  (2) PLACE perchers are more likely to turn a profit.  (3)  ROAD warriors are living richer.  BOULEVARD homes brought more money while the cheapest are those on STREET.  About a 36% price difference!  Homes on a ROAD sell for 8% to 9% more than homes on COURT & CIRCLE.  BOULEVARD has only 2% of total listings while 22% of listings are located on a DRIVE.  NEXT is  street with 19%, ROAD at 16% & AVENUE  with 15%.  So back to the original question,  which is more expensive Wisteria Lane or Sesame Street?  Based on market analysis, the price per square foot of Cookie Monster’s home could be 17% cheaper than the other one.  Cash left over to buy cookies!  Cookies!! Cookies!!!  Incidentially BOULEVARD locations are often apartments and condos.